Meet the Band.....


Joe Luongo - Bass, Vocals


Joe was born and raised in a middle class section of Brooklyn, NY, called Marine Park. He’s done the best he can to bury his Brooklyn accent but it still slips out sometimes when he’s telling a joke. Joe studied Classical and Jazz guitar from the age of 8 and studied music at several colleges. Joe’s private musical education went well beyond his college education. His guitar mentor was Sid Margolis, who played in the big band era with Frankie Carle and Benny Goodman among others and was staff guitarist at several New York TV studios in the 50's and 60's.

Rick Newport - Lead vocals, Lead Guitar, Harmonica


Rick has been on many different stages on the Jersey music scene over the years. From being a long haired Hard Rocker to a Country-Picker and every genre of music in between, Rick has returned to his roots of country rock and "New Country" music and couldn't be more thrilled to play for some of the most passionate and dedicated fans of country music anywhere in the country. 

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